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With the intensity of high-power lasers exceeding 1022 W/cm2 new realms of laser-matter interactions become accessible. This allows to address, for the first time, a variety of exciting physics questions ranging from relativistic plasma physics to nuclear and particle physics and maybe even to physics beyond the standard model. Applications will include particle acceleration, laser induced fusion and medical therapy.

The purpose of this interdisciplinary workshop is to gather participants from a wide range of research areas centred around the physics of relativistic laser-matter interactions. The goal of the workshop is to exchange ideas between the different disciplines and discuss the prospects for a new field that may be dubbed "laser particle physics" with subsections of "laser nuclear physics" and "laser accelerators".

Fundamental physics topics to be addressed include

  • laser particle interactions
  • high-intensity (nonlinear) QED
  • laser induced QED processes: Schwinger pair production, nonlinear Compton scattering, Unruh radiation etc.
  • laser nuclear physics
  • laboratory astrophysics
  • relativistic plasma physics
  • new physics from photon experiments

Applications to be discussed include

  • laser particle acceleration
  • new laser projects: HiPER, ELI etc.
  • gamma-gamma colliders
  • laser induced fast ignitor fusion
  • X-ray generation
  • radiation therapy


Thomas Heinzl Burkhard Kämpfer Ken Ledingham
Coordinator Co-Organiser Co-Organiser
University of Plymouth Forschungszentrum Dresden-Rossendorf University of Strathclyde, Glasgow








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