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What is the aim of the project? Who is working on THRIVE? Are there any papers? Do you have any question?
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Robots are becoming increasingly important members in our society. Their use can be found in the most technologically advanced societies, implying a closer interaction with the user.

In this sense, trust is at the basis of human-robot interaction because the presence or absence of trust certainly impacts the ultimate outcome of that interaction. The basic objective of this project is to investigate embodiment and socio-cognitive mechanisms in the development of trust between humans and robots involved in interactions and joint tasks.

Specifically, our work aims to study in parallel two different aspects of trust in human-robot interaction, by coupling developmental robotics modelling and empirical human-robot interaction experiments, in order to classify the robot’s embodiment properties and sociocultural mechanisms that could develop trust.




afsor thrive project

   This Project is sponsored by AFOSR (Air Force Office of Scientific Research) 


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