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In this experiment the user cooperated with a Robot in a price estimation trial. In 50% of the trials the robot agreed with the estimation made by the subject, in 50% of the trials the robot did not agree. In the second case the robot asked to the participant to change his answer. The robot interacted with the user using two strategies: social and non-social. In the social condition the robot looked to the participant, in the non-social condition the robot looked to the object. The results show that participants changed their opinions more often in the social condition.




In this video we show how it is possible to use Self-Organizing Maps (SOM) for developing a representation of a robot body. We use the Aldebaran NAO to perform random movements of the head and then training the SOM to group the different poses. The SOM has 16x16 neurons and each neuron represent a possible head orientation. A consistent research show that the gaze can have an influence on the perceived reliability of a robot. Our goal is to implement a shared attention mechanism and this experiment is part of the preliminary phase. 



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