WCCI-Wide (hybrid) Special Session:


URL: http://www.robotdoc.org/bidm


Angelo Cangelosi, University of Plymouth, Plymouth, UK

Juyang Weng, Michigan State University, East Lansing, USA


Developmental robotics (systems), also known as epigenetic robotics (systems), is a growing approach to the understanding of autonomous mental development in natural systems (e.g., human babies and adults) and artificial systems (e.g., robots and computers) as well as the design and training of robots (systems) by taking direct inspiration from biological developmental mechanisms. This approach is based on the principles of embodied and situated developmental learning.  An emphasis is on the emergence and bootstrapping of representation and intelligent behaviours. The special session will aim at the presentations of the latest developments in all the related fields, such as for the modelling of neural developmental mechanisms for the development of skills for perception, cognition, actions (e.g., locomotion, manipulation, classification, languages), emotional (e.g., pain avoidance, pleasure seeking, novelty seeking), and social interaction.

The special session also encourages submissions from the empirical developmental science disciplines such as child psychology, developmental linguistics and neuroscience.

A special issue in the journal IEEE Transaction in Autonomous Mental Development will be organised, as a follow-up of the special session.

Topics of Interest

Developmental robotics
Evolutionary robotics
Epigenetic robotics
Fuzzy control for robotics

Computational intelligence for developmental models
Modelling evolution and development
Perceptual and cognitive development in children and robots
Language learning
Embodied cognition
Intrinsic motivation
Neural development
Emotions and cognition
Social development in humans and robots

Biologically inspired architectures for cognitive development and open-ended development

Developmental linguistics

Developmental psychology

Paper Submission and Deadline

Visit http://www.ieee-wcci2012.org/ for paper format guidelines and electronic submission deadline and links.

Programme Committee

Alberto Acerbi, Stockholm University, Sweden (IEEE-CEC)
Minoru Asada, Osaka University, Japan (IJCNN, FUZZ-IEEE)
Christian Balkenius, Lund University, Sweden (IJCNN)
Tony Belpaeme, University of Plymouth, UK (IJCNN)
Luc Berthouze, University of Sussex, UK (IJCNN)
Anna Borghi, University of Bologna, UK (IJCNN, IEEE-CEC)
Angelo Cangelosi, University of Plymouth, UK (IJCNN, IEEE-CEC)
Gordon Cheng, University of Munich, Germany (IJCNN, FUZZ-IEEE)
Eduardo Coutinho, University of Geneva, Switzerland (IJCNN, IEEE-CEC)
Kerstin Dautenhahn, Hertfordshire University, UK (IEEE-CEC, IJCNN)
Ian Fasel, University of Arizona, USA (IJCNN)
Christian Goerick, University of Bielefeld, Germany (IJCNN)
J Fernando Fontanari, University of Sao Paolo Sao Carlos, Brazil (IJCNN, IEEE-CEC)
Mark Lee, Aberystwyth University, UK (FUZZY-IEEE)

Honghai Liu, Portsmouth University, UK (FUZZY-IEEE)

Benjamin Kuipers, University of Michigan, USA (IJCNN, IEEE-CEC, FUZZ-IEEE)
Honghai Liu, Portsmouth University, UK (FUZZY-IEEE)

Davide Marocco, University of Plymouth, UK (IJCNN, IEEE-CEC)
Giorgio Metta, University of Genoa and IIT, Italy (IJCNN, FUZZ-IEEE)
Yukie Nagai, Osaka University, Japan (IJCNN, FUZZ-IEEE)
Chrystopher Nehaniv, Hertfordshire University, UK (IEEE-CEC)
Stefano Nolfi, ISTC-CRN, Italy (IEEE-CEC)
Francesco Nori, IIT Genoa, Italy (IJCNN)
Pierre-Yves Oudeyer, INRIA, Bordeaux, France (IJCNN, IEEE-CEC, FUZZ-IEEE)
Leonid Perlovsky, Harvard University and AFOSR, USA (IJCNN, FUZZ-IEEE)

Danil Prokhorov, Toyota Research Institute North America, USA (IJCNN, FUZZ-IEEE)
Katharina Rohlfing, University of Bielefeld, Germany (IJCNN, FUZZ-IEEE)
Erol Sahin, Middle East Technical University, Turkey (IEEE-CEC, IJCNN)
Brian Scassellati, Yale University, USA (IJCNN, FUZZ-IEEE)
Matthew Schlesinger, Southern Illinois University, USA (IJCNN, IEEE-CEC, FUZZ-IEEE)
Vadim Tikhanoff, IIT Genoa, Italy (IJCNN)
Jochen Triesch, Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, Germany (IJCNN)
Juyang Weng, Michigan State University, USA (IJCNN, IEEE-CEC, FUZZ-IEEE)
Chenguang Yang, Plymouth University, USA (FUZZ-IEEE)
Chen Yu, Indiana University, USA (IJCNN, FUZZ-IEEE)
Zhengyou Zhang, Microsoft Research, USA (IJCNN, FUZZ-IEEE)