Shear Stresses in an Array of Rivets or Bolts

The bolts or rivets are assumed to be in single shear and all must be of equal diameter. For bolts it is assumed that the full diameter is carrying the load, NOT the threaded portion. The maximum number of fasteners is 20.

Enter values in the units indicated icluding the first pair of 'X' and 'Y' coordinate values then click on the Calculate button. Then enter the second pair of 'X' and 'Y coordinate values and click Calculate button. Repeat until all the pairs of 'X'and 'Y' values have been entered. Clicking the Calculate button after the last pair of 'X' and 'Y' values have been entered calculates the shear stress due to the 'direct' component of the load - the 'primary' shear stress - equal on all fasteners - the maximum 'secondary' stress (due to the torsional component of the load) and the maximum shear stress after the primary and secondary components have been combined.

The layout of the fasteners is also drawn and the position of the fastener with the highest stress is shown in red. Where there is more than 1 fastener with equal highest stress, the last one entered is highlighted.

'X' and 'Y' coordinate values of the fasteners can be with respect to any convenient origin. The 'Force' is assumed to act in the negative 'Y' direction and the 'Force Offset' must be with respect to the same 'X' origin as used for the fastener coordinates.

The 'Plot size' specified should be large enough to display the array of fasteners.

Is the maximum stress acceptable?

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David Grieve, 7th July 2000