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These are Java Applets unless it is stated that they are JavaScript.
Some versons of Windows XP Home Edition do not run Java Applets without a downloaded plugin. If you are unable to see the applets, this may be the reason. Alternatively they may have been disabled, they can usually easily be re-enabled by changing a setting in Internet Explorer.


Calculator operating with Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) - located at top of 'Index to Online Documentation' click here Civil Engineering - located in STAD 108 Stability of a wall subjected to a uniform wind load - click here

Design and Stress Analysis, etc. - located in DSGN 215

Bolt Proof Loads click here
Bolt ultimate load calculator (JavaScript) click here
Bolt (or rivet) stresses in an array caused by an offset load click here
Buckling of a column click here
Buckling of a column calculator (JavaScript) click here
Calculations and plots relating to four stroke internal combustion engines click here (Java Applet to accompany book: "Mechanical Engineering Design Notes - Theme: Automotive Engines", by David Grieve).
Clutch design calculator (JavaScript) click here
Fatigue - modified Goodman diagram click here
Fracture mechanics - A semi-eliptical crack in a finite plate click here
Journal bearing with hydrodynamic lubrication design click here
Shaft diameter required to withstand bending moment and torque, Tresca and von Mises criteria (JavaScript) click here
Spring design / analysis click here
Stress concentration factors - flat plate with a central hole click here
Stress concentration factors - stepped shaft with shoulder click here
Tilted Pad Thrust Bearing - Link to Java Applet that computes the load capacity and pressure distribution for a tilted pad thrust bearing
Two dimensional stress analysis, Mohr circle and von Mises failure criterion click here
Metal Forming - located in MFRG 315. Axisymmetric compression of a cylinder click here Vibration - located in STRC 201 Free vibration of a second order system click here

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David Grieve, 19th November 2009.