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SoE Projects

All students whose Projects require any laboratory or technician support MUST discuss their plans with their supervisor who will then complete the appropriate form. This form must be submitted before the project is started to check that the required facilities are available.
Information for all Students.

Information for Students on the MEng Mechanical Engineering Course

Information for students on BEng(Hons) Courses

BEng(Hons) Mechanical Engineering
BEng(Hons) Mechanical Engineering with Composites
BEng(Hons) Marine Technology

Information for BSc(Hons) Students -
Course Titles:

BSc(Hons) Mechanical Design and Manufacture
BSc(Hons) Mechanical Design and Manufacture With Business Studies
BSc(Hons) Mechanical Engineering and Computer Aided Design
BSc(Hons) Marine and Composites Technology
BSc(Hons) Marine Sports Technology
This information can be found on the Portal

Module Information, Home Pages, Resources, Assignments, Notes, etc.
Information about other modules, not listed below, can be found on the Portal
Year 1  
DSGN 129 Design as a Generic Tool, module outline page.
...Marking scheme and sheet for first assignment
...Frank Hamer's Power Point Notes from 17th October 2006 - 'An Electrical Perspective'.
...Lecture on Design Management
MATS 116Manufacturing and Materials
MECH 115Engineering Science 1 - resources
MEDM 127Communication Skills - resources
MFMT 101Manufacture and Materials 1
MFTManufacturing and Fabrication Techniques
STAD 108Structural Analysis and Design 1
THER 103Introduction to Thermo-Fluids
Year 2  
DSGN 215 Engineering Design, support material and assignments.
DSGN 221 Engineering Design - Module Home Page.
HYFM 218 Mechanics of Fluids - Access via the Student Portal
MATS 231 Composite Materials and Structures for the Marine Environment
MECH 225 Engineering Science 2 - Module Home Page.
MECH 226 Engineering Science 3 - Module Home Page.
MECH 227 CAE - Module Home Page
MFMT 201Manufacture and Materials 2
STRC 201 Engineering Structures Superceded - see STRC 202 on the Portal
Pictures relating to Mechanical Engineering Structures
THER 205 Applied Thermodynamics, Resource Pages.
Year 3  
DSGN 313 Engineering Design and Computational Methods, notes and assignments.
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFX) Notes (Power Point slides) 2 Mb
MATS 301 Materials - tutorials on Fracture Mechanics.
MATS 320 Composites Materials
MATS 324 Composites Design and Manufacture (BEng).
MATS 333 Composites Design and Manufacture (BSc).
MATS 340 Advanced Materials - Module Home Page
MECH 330 Automotive Technology, 10 credit module for BSc Top Up students on the original scheme (joined before Sept 2004). (Now MECH 336)
MECH 336 Automotive Structures new 10 credit module formerly half of MECH 331
MECH 337 Simulation of Dynamic Systems new 10 credit module. formerly half of MECH 331
MECH 335 Information about CAE
MFRG 317 Manufacturing Processes
MFRG 318 Manufacturing Processes
MST 326 Quality Management and Safety Engineering
PRDT 303 Integrating Group Design
THER 305 (Thermal) Thermodynamics, Resource Pages.
MECH 512 Design for Structural Integrity
MECH 513 Smart Materials and Intelligent Structural Systems
MECH 516 Simulation of Engineering Systems

Site (eMachineShop) providing automated costing for parts and some basic information about manufacturing processes: click here

Java Applet on petrol engine mechanics and thermodynamics to accompany book: "Mechanical Engineering Design Notes - Theme: Automotive Engines", by David Grieve
Improved versions (2, 3 and 4 ) of this applet are available on my website:

Index to Interactive Engineering Resources, Java Applets and JavaScript, on SoE Web Pages.

Java Applet to solve simultaneous linear equations

Link to Neill Hughes Notes on Solid Works, Cosmos Motion and FEA

Web site Excellent animations of a wide variety of engines by Matt Keveney.

Index to Notes on Introductory FEA theory

Link to information on fuel injection systems and engine management. Pass word protected.

Auburn - Plymouth Collaboration Design assignments and guidance
Auburn Talk

I am placing learning support material on my web pages at: .

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