Adaptive Behaviour and Cognition Research Group

Centre for Interactive Intelligent Systems

School of Computing Comms. Electronics
University of Plymouth
Portland Square A316
Plymouth, PL4 8AA (UK)

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The aims of our research group are (i) to investigate the evolution and organisation of natural and artificial cognitive systems using adaptive behaviour and cognitive modelling methods and (ii) to design biologically-inspired cognitive systems and robots.


Research topics:



         Language learning in robots

         Cognitive developmental robotics

         Evolution of language and cognition

         Categorical perception and language

         Symbol grounding

         Cognitive and neural modelling

         Distributed control and collective behaviour

         Synthetic brain imaging

         Information visualisation in adaptive agents

         Artificial life and adaptive behaviour

         Multi-agent modelling

         Evolutionary robotics







Research Projects

         Prof Angelo Cangelosi (Group Leader)

         Dr Davide Marocco

         Dr Zoran Macura

         Martin Beck

         Vadim Tikhanoff

         Fabio Ruini

         Martin Peniak

         Eduardo Coutinho

         Gianluca Massera

         Mariagiovanna Mazzapioda

Associate members

         Dr Tony Belpaeme (Robotics, UoP)

         Dr Liz Stuart (Visualisation, UoP)

         Prof Kenny Coventry (Northumbria Univ.)

         Prof Stevan Harnad (UQAM, Montreal)

Past members

         Barbara Giolito (Univ. Piemonte O.)

         Richard Holden

         Isabella La Rovere

         Rohana Rajapakse

         Thomas Riga

Past projects

Events organised

         EVOLANG7: Language Evolution Conference (Barcelona 2008)

         EVOLANG6: Language Evolution Conference (Rome 2006)

         External Symbol Grounding Workshop (Plymouth 2006)

         IJCNN06: Session on Language Evolution and Acquisition (Vancouver, 2006)

         EELC2-AISB: Emergence and Evolution of Linguistic Communication (Hatfield, 2005)

         NCPW9: Neural Computation and Psychology Workshop (Plymouth, 2004)

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