Dr Guido BUGMANN was born in 1953 and has two children. He studied Physics at the University of Geneva in Switzerland. In 1986 he completed a PhD on "Fabrication of photovoltaic solar cells with a-Si:H produced by anodic deposition in a DC plasma". He has then worked at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne on the development of a measurement system using an ultra-sound beam and neural networks to measure the size of air bubbles in bacterial cultures. In 1989 he joined the Fundamental Research Laboratories of NEC in Japan and modelled the function of biological neurons in the visual system. In 1992 he joined Prof. John G. Taylor at King's College London to develop applications of the pRAM neuron model and develop a theory of visual latencies. In 1993 he joined the group of Prof. Mike Denham at the University of Plymouth (UK) where he developed artificial vision systems for robots, investigated path-planning and spatial memory, and worked on robot programming using spoken instructions. Currently, he models fast learning from instructions and works on humanoid robots for competitions. He supervises PhD students and teaches neural computation and natural language interfaces at undergraduate and postgraduate level. He is programme manager of the MSc Robotics and the MSc Robotic Technology.

Dr. Bugmann has 3 patents and over 140 publications. He is reviewer for Neural Networks, Biological Cybernetics, Networks: Computation in Neural Systems, Electronics Letters, Canadian J. of Chemical Engineering, Pattern Analysis and Applications and Biosystems. He is member of the Swiss Physical Society, the Neuroscience Society (1992-2009), the British Machine Vision Association, AISB, the EPSRC Peer Review College, the UK Network for Biologically-Inspired Robotics (BIRO-Net) and is UK representative elect. on the board of the European Robotics Research Network (EURON) (2004-2008).

Dr. Bugmann enjoys playing football, sailing, golf, tennis, gardening (and had a brief Segway lesson (AVI, 10MB)).

Below, you will find out more on his EducationEmployment History and Conferences organized.

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"Maturite scientifique" at the College Calvin, Geneva.
Diploma of Physicist at the University of Geneva, supervised by Prof. M. Guenin. Subject: "Broken QCD and Confinement"
Ph.D. at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL), supervised by Prof. E. Mooser. Subject: "Fabrication of photovoltaic solar cells with a-Si:H produced by anodic deposition in a DC plasma".
Postgraduate certificate on "Energy" at the EPFL.
Lecture course on "Development of the nervous system" at the University of Lausanne.

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Employment history

Associate Professor (Reader) at the University of Plymouth, Centre for Robotics and Neural Systems, School of Computing and Mathematics. Same activity areas as below + Human-Robot instruction dialogues.
Research Fellow at the University of Plymouth, Centre for Neural and Adaptive Systems (Prof. Mike Denham). Development of biologically inspired control systems. Path planning, visual information processing. 60+ publ
Research Associate at the King's College London, Centre of Neural Networks (Prof. John G. Taylor). Study of the pRAM model of a neuron. Development of a model of temporal neuron. Control applications. 11 publ.
Research Scientist at the Fundamental Research Laboratory, NEC Corp. in Tsukuba, Japan. Simulation and theoretical investigation of the information processing by biological neurons. 10 publ. 2 pat.
Research Associate at the Chemical Engineering Institute (Prof. Urs vonStockar) of the EPFL. Simulation and realization of measurements by ultrasound of the characteristics of air bubbles in bioreactors. Development of a measuring probe. Data analysis by neural network. 6 publ. 1 pat.
Assistant at the Applied Physics Institute (Prof. Emanuel Mooser) of the EPFL. Fabrication of thin film photovoltaic solar cells. Characterization of the deposition plasma and of the deposited thin film semiconductors. 14 publ.
Assistant at the Research Center for Plasma Physics (Prof. Troyon) of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL). Measurements of the electronic temperature in a tokamak by Thomson diffusion. 4 publ.
Part time physicist at the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine (Prof. Paule Rey) of the University of Geneva. Development of measuring systems for physiological data (Sudation, Visual Aptitude). 2 publ.

Conferences organized

Taros 2010

Neural Computation and Psychology Workshop (NCPW9), 8-10 September 2004, Plymouth, UK

4th Neural Coding Workshop NCWS'2001, 10-14 September, Plymouth, UK

Special session on Biologically-Inspired Control at IEE Control'96, Exeter, UK

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