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 IBL: Instruction-based Learning for Mobile Robots

A project funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council jointly managed by:

  • Dr. Guido Bugmann at the Centre for Interactive Intelligent Systems of the University of Plymouth (GR/M90023).
  • Dr. Ewan Klein the Institute for Communicating and Collaborative Systems (ICCS) of the University of Edinburgh (GR/M90160).
  • With the kind support of Nuance .

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    This project explores a still-untapped method of knowledge acquisition and learning by intelligent systems: the acquisition of knowledge from Natural Language (NL) instruction. This is very effective in human learning and will be essential for adapting future intelligent systems to the needs of naive users. The aim of the project is to investigate real-world Instruction Based-Learning (IBL) in a generic route instruction task.  Users will engage in a dialogue with a mobile robot equipped with artificial vision, in order to teach it how to navigate a simplified maze-like environment. This experimental set-up will limit perceptual and control problems and also reduce the complexity of NL processing. The research will focus on the problem of how NL instructions can be used by an intelligent embodied agent to build a hierarchy of complex functions based on a limited set of low-level perceptual, motor and cognitive functions. We will investigate how the internal representations required for robot sensing and  navigation can support a usable speech-based interface. Given the use of artificial vision and voice input, such a system can contribute to assisting visually impaired people and wheelchair users.

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    Dr. Johan Bos
    Dr. Guido Bugmann
    Dr. Ewan Klein
    Theocharis Kyriacou
    Dr. Stanislao Lauria

    Dr. Kenny Coventry (advisor)

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    Bugmann G. (2003) Final report to the EPSRC (IGR GR/M90023) (PDF 43K)

    Bugmann G., Klein E., Lauria S. and Kyriacou T. (2004) "Corpus-Based Robotics: A Route Instruction Example" (PDF 183KB)
    in Proceedings of IAS-8, 10-13 March 2004, Amsterdam, pp. 96-103. (ISBN 1 58603 4146)

    Kyriacou T., Bugmann G. and E., Lauria S. (2004) "Vision-Based Urban Navigation Procedures for Verbally Instructed Robots" (PDF 412KB) To appear in Robotics and Autonomous Systems

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    Video Clips: (If you media player has problems with slow connections, download the clip before playing it)

    Single command:
    The user asks the robot to take the second right.
    example.mpg (15MB).

    Complete route:
    The robot follows the instructions to go from Boots to the Museum.
    U13_GA_CM_short1.mpg (3.5MB) 
    (phases when the robot is static, during image processing, are removed to shorten the movie)

    Weird World Exhibition, Plymouth City Museum, March 2003
    - In a quite noisy environment:
    IBLSchool.AVI (12MB),
    - An important visitor
    IBLSainsbury.AVI (7MB)

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    See the README1 file that is part of the distribution.

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    All components of the IBL software are freely available for research purpose. 
    Please contact Dr Guido Bugmann for access details

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