PYTHON modules for the Windows version of PYTHON

Brill tagger:

Python dll module:

Original Brill Distribution: RULE_BASED_TAGGER_V.1.14.tar.Z
'go to the end of the street .'
Go    VB
to    TO
the    DT
end    NN
of    IN
the    DT
street    NN
.    .
Abney parser:

Python dll module:

Original distribution: scol1e.tar.gz

'Go    VB\nto    to\nthe    dt\nend    NN\nof    of\nthe    dt\nstreet    NN\n.    .'
        [vb Go]]
        [to to]
             [dt the]
             [nn end]]
          [of of]
            [dt the]
            [nn street]]]]]
  [. .]


Only the essential functions of the original distributions have been implemented.

Please check the documentation in the original distributions for detailled explanations on what the implemented functions do.

Sample Python programs using the modules are part of the zip files.

The programs have been tested under Python 1.52 on a WIN98 machine.

The dll's have been compiled using Swig 1.1-883 under VC++4.0.

Let me know if you have any problem, but I cannot promise immediate fixes.

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