Supervised MSc projects:

  • Rule extraction from trained neural networks.
  • Modelling invariant object recognition.
  • Facial feature detection for PC control.
  • Visual indoor layout detection for autonomous vehicle
  • Visual outdoor layout detection for autonomous vehicle
  •  Speech Recognition via Dynamic Grammars
  •  Stereo Homography and Image Segmentation
  •  Route Planning in Dynamic Environments

    Supervised Undergraduate Projects:

  • Artificial vision for Micromouse.
  • Video Camera remote control over the internet.
  • Visual control of robot grasping.
  • Visual recognition of piece positions on a game board.
  • Operator identification from keystroke timing.
  • Visual measurement of ball bearing sizes.
  • Robot Football control system.
  •  Mine Detection Robot
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    Guido Bugmann, September 2002