Visual Latencies, Masking and Synchronisation

This line of research has focused on the speed of activation propagation in a hierarchical simplified model of
the visual system. Neurons acted as coincidence detectors with and internal memory that keeps them firing
once a coincidence has been detected. Feedback from the next layers is used to reset its input layer once
a coincidence has been detected. With Poisson spike trains as input, coincidences occur at random
times and activation propagation becomes stochastic.

This model reproduces many features of the visual system such as latencies, backward masking and sychronization.
The theoretical work underlying the results in the papers hereafter was completed in 1994 but is still unpublished...

Start with the two papers published in 1994.


"The neuronal computation time" (gif scan PDF 732K)
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"A model for latencies in the visual system" ( 96K)  (pdf 57K)
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"A top-down model for neuronal synchronization" (PDF 59K)
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Research Report NRG-94-02, School of Computing, University of Plymouth, Plymouth PL4 8AA, UK.

"Modelling visual latencies, masking and synchronization" (ps.ZIP 7K) (PDF 7K)
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 "A Model of Visual Backward Masking" (PDF118KB)
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Guido Bugmann, 18 August 2005