Thomas Riga
Adaptive Behaviour and Cognition Research Group
Centre for Intelligent Interactive Systems
School of Computing, Communications and Electronics
Room A301 Portland Square Building
University of Plymouth
Drake Circus, Plymouth, Devon, PL4 8AA
+44 1752 233740 (voice)
+44 1752 232540 (fax)
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My research concerns programming robotic agents by demonstration. I'm developing a robotics simulation platform which integrates a physics engine and neural networks to create robotic agents that learn by imitation and through a natural language interface.


12 DOF robotic agent learning by imitation

Clicking on the links below will bring you to some didactic interactive games I developed to explain artificial intelligence algorithms like neural networks, genetic algorithms and cellular automata.

a cellular automaton a neural network a genetic algorithm

Conference papers

  • Greco A., Riga T. & Cangelosi A. (2003), The acquisition of new categories through grounded symbols: An extended connectionist model. In O. Kaynak, E. Alpaydin, E. Oja & L. Xu (Eds.), Artificial Neural Networks and Neural Information Processing - ICANN/ICONIP 2003. Berlin: Springer, pp. 773-770 pdf file

Papers in preparation

  • Greco A., Cangelosi A. & Riga T. (submitted), The grounding of symbols through the experience with the world: A connectionist approach. Intelligent Systems (in Italian).

Published abstracts

  • Riga T. (2003), Symbol grounding transfer with neural networks: implications for Alife models. 1st Italian Alife workshop, Cosenza, September 2003 (in Italian) html file
  • Greco A., Riga T., Cangelosi A. (2002), Grounding transfer of symbols in neural networks. 1st Conference of the Italian Cognitive Science Association, Rovereto, September 2002 (in Italian) pdf file
  • Greco A., Riga T. & Cangelosi A. (2001), The acquisition of new categories in neural networks through grounded symbols. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Italian Association for Experimental Psychology, Alghero, September 2001 (in Italian) html file
  • Riga T., Greco A. & Cangelosi A. (2001), Acquiring higher-level categories by sensorimotor grounding of entry-level features. Proceedings of the 18th Annual Workshop of the European Society for the Study of Cognitive Systems, Maastricht, May 2001.