Research in the School of Computing, Communications & Electronics

Interactive Intelligent Systems
Artificial life and adaptive behaviour
Automated Reasoning and Agents
Computer Music
Information Visualization
Human-Centred Design
Natural Objects Categorization
Neural Systems
Robotic Intelligence 
Semantic Web
Institute for Digital Art and Technology (IDAT)
Digital Architecture
Digital Curation
New Media publishing + broadcasting 
Software and Sonic arts
Information Security & Network Research Group 

Information systems security
User authentication / biometrics
Intrusion detection and response
Internet technologies
Web applications and services
Network measurement and management
Quality of Service
Mobile technologies and services
Security for mobile systems

Centre for Research in Information Storage Technology  
Error Correction Coding
Piezo-Electric Sensors
Giant Magneto-Impedance
Magnetic Recording Theory
Optical Information Storage
Thin-Film Magnetic Materials
Robotics and Intelligent Systems
Artificial vision
Natural Language
MEG interfaces
Planning & Navigation
Robotics Education
Robot football

Signal Processing and Multimedia Communications
Multimedia Communications over Packet Networks
Audio Signal Processing
Biosignal Processing and Biomedical Informatics
Fixed and Mobile Communications 
Satellite communications
ireless communications
Source coding and data compression

Most groups in the School are of international standing. There are opportunities for suitably qualified graduates to undertake supervised research leading to the degrees of PhD or MPhil (application form)