Our Robots

The University of Plymouth has a range of robots used for teaching and research.
Many are built or adapted at the University.

Industrial and research robots used for teaching

Mitsubishi RV2AJ

UMI RT 100




Robots built at the UoP for teaching

AlBot. This robot uses the robust base of a robot football competition robot, with an added processing board using an FPGA to process data from a miniature video camera. More details video

CD Buggy

New robot under development

Omni-directional platform

Robots used for research

RoboCub. Child-size humanoid robot used in the I-Talk project (made by RoboCub.org)

ER1 with stereo-vision
(modified in Plymouth)
Mini robot for following verbal route instructions (made in Plymouth)

Khepera a small table-top robot
(Built by KTeam).

Rug Warrior upgraded for vision-based spatial navigation (upgraded in Plymouth)

Robots built at the UoP for art projects

Autonomous Wheelchair developed for a 1997 exhibition by Donald Rodney. To be exhibited in Amsterdam in 2009.

Slothbot A robot that is a piece of architecture moving very very slowly.

Robot built at the UoP for fun

ButlerBot. This robot moves around to serve drinks in receptions. (Built at the Plymouth Robot Club).

Pet-feeding humanoid robot (work in progress...)

Conversational ER1 Robot with with Plymouth-designed speech-recognition and dialogue software.

Robots built at the UoP for robot competitions

Bioloid Robot adapted for the Hurosot competition

8cm x 8cm robots for robot football

Robot football robots Earlier version.

Some robots built during UoP student projects.

Chess pieces manipulator (built by Guillaume Walck)

High Speed Warp Robot. Most research robots are slow and boring. Not this one (video) (Built by Joerg Wolf)

Robotic Shark (built by Jonathan Gill)

Self-Orienting Zero-Gravity Robot, using the reactive torque of rotating disks to stabilize the camera image (built by Sarang Desmuck)

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