Biomedical Survival


  • Cox model

  • survival analysis 

  • survival time and life table

  • Kaplan-Meier curves moments methods

  • Stanton Glanz (Primer in biostatistics)

  • Partial AUC Estimation and Regression

  • Laryngeal Carconoma (LC) and Ocular Melanoma (OM)

  • Evaluation of survival analysis methods



  • Prediction of Community-Acquired Pneumonia Using Artificial Neural Networks
    P. S. Heckerling, B. S. Gerber, T. G. Tape, and R. S. Wigton
    Med Decis Making, March 1, 2003; 23(2): 112 - 121. 

  • A neural-Bayesian approach to survival analysis (1999)
    Bart Bakker and Tom Heskes 

  • Computational Methods in Survival Analysis
    Toshinari Kamakura  

  • SVM, Survival Analysis, fMRI, Network Introsion Detection 

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  • Dairy Science 

  • A novel neural network-based survival analysis model
    Antonio Eleuteri, Roberto Tagliaferri, Leopoldo Milanob, Sabino De Placido and Michele De Laurentiis
    Neural Networks Volume 16, Issues 5-6 , June-July 2003, Pages 855-864 Advances in Neural Networks Research: IJCNN '03
    Abstract: A feedforward neural network architecture aimed at survival probability estimation is presented which generalizes the standard, usually linear, models described in literature. The network builds an approximation to the survival probability of a system at a given time, conditional on the system features. The resulting model is described in a hierarchical Bayesian framework. Experiments with synthetic and real world data compare the performance of this model with the commonly used standard ones.

  • Are increasing 5-year survival rates evidence of success against cancer?  

  • breast cancer survival analysis  

  • Five Year Survival Analysis of Patients with Clinical Stages I and IIA Breast Cancer who Received Initial Treatment at North Carolina Hospitals
    Fatma Simsek, MPH 

  • Proportional hazards and additive regression analysis of survival for severe breast cancer (2004)
    Anna Torner (Mathematical Statistics Stockholm University) 

  • Additive regression analysis of survival in severe breast cancer
    Anna Torner
    Abstract: Survival data from a study of 52 patients with advanced breast cancer was investigated using the Aalen's additive model and the Cox proportional hazards model. The information gained from fitting of the two models is similar in some respects but also quite different in others. Both procedures resulted in the same covariates selected to remain in the model. The Cox model yield easily interpreted estimates of the covariates effects, but the assumption of proportional hazard is necessary to make these estimates valid. The additive model and the plots of the cumulative regressions functions give an appealing understanding of how the hazard profile is distributed. The presentation will focus on the additive model and results from the Cox model will only be referenced for comparative comments.

  • Bioinformatics and Biomedical Comp. Chairs: Francesco Masulli & Roberto Tagliaferri (ENNS Special Session)

  • An Information Geometric Approach to Survival Analysis and Feature Selection by Neural Networks
    Antonio Eleuteri, Roberto Tagliaferri, Leopoldo Milano, Fausto Acernese and Michele De Laurentiis

  • HLA Typing Using a Fuzzy Approach
    Giovanni Battista Ferrara, Francesco Masulli and Stefano Rovetta

  • Neuro-Fuzzy Analysis of Dermatological Images (slides)
    Ciro Castiello, Giovanna Castellano and Anna Maria Fanelli

  • Suggested themes and papers for the Data Analysis seminar

  • Publications: 

  • Pepe Biometrics 2003

  • Artificial Neural Networks In Survival Analysis: Flexible Tools For Building Prognostic Models
    Elia Biganzoli, University of Milan, Italy

  • Permutation Tests For The Comparison Of Survival After Matching 
    M. G. Valsecchi, S. Galimberti, University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy

  • Extensions Of The Cox Ph Model: Reduced-Rank Hazards Regression Model
    A. Perperoglou and H.Van Houwelingen, Leiden University Medical Center, Netherlands





  • Lisboa, P.J.G. and Wong, H.
    Are neural networks best used to help logistic regression? An example from breast cancer survival analysis.
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  • Are neural networks best used to help logistic regression? An example from breast cancer survival analysis.
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  • Computational Methods in Survival Analysis 
    Toshinari Kamakura

  • Neural Network Survival Analysis for Personal Loan Data
    Bart Baesens1, Tony Van Gestel2, Maria Stepanova3, Jan Vanthienen
    K.U.Leuven, Dept. of Applied Economic Sciences, Naamsestraat 69, B-3000 Leuven, Belgium
    {Bart.Baesens; Jan.Vanthienen}  

  • Patient survival estimation with multiple attributes: adaptation of Coxís regression to give an individualís point prediction
    Ann E. Smith, Sarabjot S. Anand.
    IDAMAP 2000

  • A novel neural network-based survival analysis model
    Antonio Eleuteri , Roberto Tagliaferri , Leopoldo Milano , Sabino De Placido , Michele De Laurentiis
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  • Neural networks as statistical methods in survival analysis (1998)
    Ripley, B. D. and Ripley, R. M. (1998)
    In `Artificial Neural Networks: Prospects for Medicine eds R. Dybowski and V. Gant, Landes Biosciences Publishers.

  • Microarray Data Analysis of Survival Times of Patients with Lung Adenocarcinomas Using ADC and K-Medians Clustering
    Wenting Zhou, Weichen Wu, Nathan Palmer, Emily Mower, Noah Daniels, Lenore Cowen, Anselm Blumer

  • Survival analysis: A neural-Bayesian approach. 
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  • Neural Networks as Statistical Methods in Survival Analysis
    B.D. Ripley and R.M. Ripley 

  • Modelling survival after treatment of intraocular melanoma using artificial neural networks and Bayes theorem (2004)
    Azzam F G Taktak1, Anthony C Fisher1 and Bertil E Damato
    Phys. Med. Biol. 49 ( 2004) p 87-98 

  • Parametric mixture model for analysing relative survival of patients with multiple cancers
    Hein® avaara S, Hakulinen T.

    Sirpa Heinavaara (Master of Social Sciences) 

IEEE search

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