Book: Guide to Voice and Video over IP


Guide to Voice and Video over IP: For Fixed and Mobile Networks

Lingfen Sun, Is-Haka Mkwawa, Emmanuel Jammeh and Emmanuel Ifeachor

Published by Springer in January 2013 (ISBN 978-1-4471-4905-7). 




Chapter 1: Introduction


Chapter 2: Speech Compression


Chapter 3: Video Compression


Chapter 4: Media Transport for VoIP (RTP/RTCP)


Chapter 5: VoIP Signalling (SIP/SDP)


Chapter 6: VoIP Quality of Experience (QoE)


Chapter 7: IMS and Mobile VoIP


Chapter 8: Case Study 1 – Building up a VoIP System Based on Asterisk


Chapter 9: Case Study 2 – VoIP Quality Analysis and Assessment


Chapter 10: Case Study 3 – Mobile VoIP Applications and IMS


Errata: (If you find any other errors in the book, please contact me. Thank you.)

Chapter 2:

-       Page 19, 1/8000 = 0.125 è 1/8000(Hz) = 0.000125 sec = 0.125ms

-       Page 31, 180/8000 = 22.5ms è 180/8000(Hz) = 0.0225 sec = 22.5ms

Chapter 8:

-       Page 196, item 6, svn command, the target directory is missing.

sudo svn co è sudo svn co  1.6

Chapter 9:

-       Page 232, Section 9.8, add the following Note, before Start Wireshark capture:

Note: Open sip.conf and add the following line under [general] context before continuing to the next steps.




Asterisk by default tries to redirect the RTP media stream to go directly from the caller to the callee. If this is set to “no” then the entire RTP media stream will go through the Asterisk server. Setting it to “no” is required if you want to control the traffic at the Asterisk server (This is what we intend to do in the next steps).

Chapter 10:

-       Page 242, “java verionè “java –version”

-       Page 243, svn command, a space is missing between http URL and local directory.

svn checkout /svnroot/repos/openimscore/ser_ims/trunkser_ims è svn checkout /svnroot/repos/openimscore/ser_ims/trunk  ser_ims

svn checkout /svnroot/repos/openimscore/FHoSS/trunkFHoSS è svn checkout /svnroot/repos/openimscore/FHoSS/trunk  FHoSS


-       Page 243, “Add the following lines in /.bashrc file”, a tilde is missing, è “Add the following lines in ~/.bashrc file”


-       Page 245, ./startup è ./


-       Page 245 “echo JAVA_HOME” è “echo $JAVA_HOME”


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